Windows Setup Wizard

The setup wizard will guide you trough the process. In most cases the default settings will be sufficient, so you’ll only need to click next a few times.

Step 1:

Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Step 2:

Here you can select where the License Manager will be installed. By default this is the most common location and you do not need to change this. This is not the location where the License Manager is installing the plugins and other software. This can be set later on in the License Manager itself.

Step 3:

You’ll be asked if you’d to create a start menu item for the License Manager. Depending on your Windows version you’ll then see an item appearing somewhere in the start menu.

Step 4:

You’re done. You can now click “Finish” to close the setup wizard. By default it will immediately launch the License Manager.

You can now continue to activate your licenses and install the software.