The Only DirectShow™
Loudness Filter

EBU R128 loudness control of ingest and archive material is a labor intensive affair when using realtime loudness meters. Grimm Audio developed a Microsoft DirectShow™ Filter for a major Dutch commercial broadcaster. LevelShow is easily integrated in any DirectShow™ Graph. This offers very flexible programming of automatic quality control and loudness normalising processes.

Now EBU R128 and ITU BS1770-2 compatible loudness normalisation can be used in a Microsoft DirectShow™ programming environment.

The task is performed in two steps, first ‘analysis’ and next ‘adjustment’. The analysis filter returns measured loudness and other R128 descriptors. These can be used to set the adjustment filter, and they can be forwarded to a database for logging purpose or metadata level control. LevelShow can be the backbone of all your loudness normalising tasks.


  • standard Microsoft DirectShow™ archtecture
  • use unlimited instances at the same time
  • processing up to 100x real time on standard PC’s
  • measurement results available for logging

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