Standalone Presets

Probably one of the most time saving features of LevelOne is the option to save presets as droplets. Droplets are standalone versions of LevelOne that have a single preset built in. You can place these anywhere on your computer (such as your desktop) for easy access. Now imagine you have a file on your computer that needs to be send to for example a broadcaster, you drag the file on to the droplet and it will be instantly corrected. You can have as many droplets as you like, so if the file needs to be send to another broadcaster who has implemented different guidelines then dropping the file on the specific droplet will instantly create the desired version of the file. Another great use for this function is if you have one master file that will be used for different media. You can just make your preferred the mix, without worrying too much about the differences between the specs. Then create a specific version for web, tv, radio etc with just one drop of the file.