How to access your Grimm account

How to access my Grimm account

If you purchased LevelOne, LevelView, LevelViewS or LevelNorm before november 2015 through the Grimm Audio webshop you’ll notice this software is now powered by BeatRig. This means this software is now being sold and supported on this site.

For most users this doesn’t change anything. To answer most frequently questions we’ve compiled a section below.

I'm still using the software, do I need to do anything?

No. If you’re running the software you don’t need to take immediate action.

Do I need to create an account?

No. Your account from Grimm Audio is transferred to the BeatRig shop. You can login with your old username (or email) and password here. If you don’t remember your password you can request a new one here.

I Forgot my password

You can request a new password bt clicking lost password on the login page.