SideKick not showing in Logic

Logic Pro X only shows the plugins if they’re supported on that channel. Sometimes you need to add an audio file before logic understands what kind of channel it is and what plugins work. So make sure to add a sample first. Also make sure the output of the channel goes to a stereo bus.

Is 64 bit supported?

Yes! All software has 32 and 64 bits support for Windows and OSX !

Which hosts are supported?

Our software is designed to work in all VST and AudioUnit hosts on Mac and Windows. Most hosts are supported. You can try a free demo version to make sure your setup works.

Usage in FL Studio

If you’ll get a message “ilbridge.exe crashed”, it means you’re trying to load a 32 bit version of the plugin in a 64 bit version of FL Studio or vice versa. We have a 32 and 64 bit versions of our plugin so you can just use the corresponding version.

FL Studio crashes (ilbridge.exe crashed)

Can I install on multiple computers

All licenses are sold per seat. Which means you can use one license on one computer at a time. You can however deactivate your license to activate and move it to a different computer. For more info de-activating see this document.

I bought a license, where is it?

After completing your order you will receive an order confirmation by email. We’ll then start processing your order and send you a serial by mail. This process is usually completed within a few minutes, in some cases, depending on your payment provider this can take a little longer. Make sure to check your junk folder and if you didn’t get the mail contact us.

I’ve lost my serial

After your purchase is completed, you will receive an email with your serial and links to your download. This serial and download link is also available on your account page here.

If you’ve lost you account password, please visit this page to recover.