Clear Packages Cache (Checksum Error)

If anything went wrong during the download of your software, you might see a checksum error.

To solve this error you need to clear the cached packages on the disk. To do so follow these steps.

First open the settings tab by clicking the cog wheel in the top right corner.

Then in the settings page click on the “open” button next to the packages folder.

You will now see the folder on your computer where all the packages are stored. Remove the package that is causing the error. (or you should be able to remove them all, the will be download again when needed.)

Now follow the normal install procedure by clicking install in the main tab of the License Manager.

Bulk Users

If you’re installing multiple (many) systems you might benefit from some of these tips:

Single license key with multiple activations

When you order multiple copies of the same product in the webshop, you’ll receive a serial for each copy. We can however merge these serials so that you’ll have only one serial with multiple installs. This is easier to manage as you can always use the same serial and don’t need to keep track of which serial is on which machine etc. To add extra- or merge activations please contact us.

Accessing the license over network/usb

The Licence Manager can be run from a network location or usb stick to speed up installation on multiple systems. To do so:

On Windows:

  • Install the License Manager as normal following these instructions.
  • You can now find the application here: C:\Program Files (x86)\BeatRig\BeatRigLicenseManager.exe, copy this file to your desired location (such as a usb stick or network drive)

On Mac OSX

  • Download the License Manager as normal following these instructions.
  • Open the diskimage and move the application to your desired location (such as a usb stick or network drive)

Activating from the command prompt

Some features of the License manager can be called from the console to automate installation of multiple systems.

  • Create a myfile.txt file that contains just your serial as text in it. And rename the extension of the file to .serial
  • Call the BLM through the console with: BLM.exe “path_to_myfile.serial”
    This will create a “mychallenge.chal” file in the same folder as the serial file (if it doesn’t already exist, it can contain challenges of multiple computers). And will then add a challenge to it.

    • Note ; this will create a challenge regardless if you have the product activated already on the target computer. If you want to automatically skip the creation of the challenge if the product is already activated on the computer; then append a extra argument with a 4 character productcode shown below.
      for example: BLM.exe “path_to_myfile.serial” LVLN
  • Request your response file with the challenge file at
  • At the same webpage, download the package files corresponding with your license.
  • Call the BLM with: BLM.exe “path_to_response_file”
    This will active the license on the computer.
  • Call the BLM with: BLM.exe “path_to_package_file”
    This will copy the installer package you downloaded for the BLM to be used.
  • Call the BLM with: BLM.exe install PRODUCTCODE
    Replace PRODUCTCODE with one of the 4 character options shown below.
    Which will install or update the product only if needed.


SK6E – SideKick6 Extended
LVL1 – LevelOne
LVLN – LevelNorm
LVLV – LevelView
LVVS – LevelViewS
LVLS – LevelShow

You may append the argument ‘quit’ to any of these calls. which will make the BLM exit after it is finished.

Note; instead of calling the command line you can also just drop your serial or response file onto the License Manager’s program file or its window.

Install and activate with no internet

Installation and activation (as well as updating, de-activation and uninstalling) is done using the BeatRig Licence Manager. This requires an active internet connection. If your computer is not connected to the internet follow the offline instructions on your account page (requires login).


Windows Setup Wizard

The setup wizard will guide you trough the process. In most cases the default settings will be sufficient, so you’ll only need to click next a few times.

Step 1:

Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).


Step 2:

Here you can select where the License Manager will be installed. By default this is the most common location and you do not need to change this. This is not the location where the License Manager is installing the plugins and other software. This can be set later on in the License Manager itself.

Step 3:

You’ll be asked if you’d to create a start menu item for the License Manager. Depending on your Windows version you’ll then see an item appearing somewhere in the start menu.

Step 4:

You’re done. You can now click “Finish” to close the setup wizard. By default it will immediately launch the License Manager.


You can now continue to activate your licenses and install the software.

Windows Unrecognised App

OSX Download warning

Mac OSX keeps track of all applications downloaded through the browser. It will warn you when opening the application for the first time. You might see a message like this:


You can safely press open. If all goes well, you won’t be asked again.

OSX Security Preferences

Depending on your computer settings access might be blocked to the BeatRig License Manager and/or other software. When opening the application, you will see a warning like this:


To grant access to the program follow these steps:

Open system preferences by clicking the apple logo in the top left corner and select “System Preferences…”.




You will now see the following screen. Select Security & Privacy.



You can now click “Open Anyway” to allow the “BeatRig License Manager” to open. If all goes well, you won’t be asked again.



You can also always allow all apps to be opened. Click the lock and enter your password. Now select Allow apps downloaded from: “Always”. This is only recommended for experienced users though.