You can check your current version in the lower left corner of the License Manager. Since version r113, the License Manager will automatically check if a new version is available and ask you if you’d like to download it. If your current version is older you can download the latest version bellow.

Double clicking the file will open the disk image. Drag the “BeatRig License Manager” to your applications folder to save it on your drive. Open you applications folder and double click the BeatRig License Manager to open.

You will be asked to enter your computer’s password. This is needed to install the software.

The latest version of the License Manager will also check for new versions of the installed plugins and software. If a new version is available you can update with a simple click on the update button showed in the installed software list.

Updating Offline

Start by updating the License Manager. You can download the latest version above. Download the software packages (the plugins and apps) from your account page and place them in the package folder. You can find that folder in the the License Manager.

Click the cogwheel icon () and click the open button next to the Install packages folder.

The License Manager will now show an update button next to the installed packages.