SideKick – advanced settings

You can find these settings by clicking on the SideKick logo in the interface.

Please use these default settings.
– turn on, max detected buffersize
– turn on, initial compentsation
– turn off, force sync

Depending on the DAW host software you may need to change these settings if you are having problems with the timing of ducking/keying.
Please note you will have to reload all sidekicks for the changes to take full effect.

The 3 way switch for the buffersize:
set to ‘2x max detected buffersize’ if there seem to be gaps
set ‘max detected buffersize’ as default
set ‘no compensation’ to run without delay compensation at all. (not recommened).
initial compensation, should be on by default. if however the ducking/keying seems too late. you can try turning this off.
Force sync, should only be turned on/off if the ducking/keying seems to jitter.