LevelNorm Change log

Version 1.4.3 r284+

  • surround fixes

Version 1.4 r180+

  • Added AAX plugin format
  • Dialog Intelligence option in LevelNorm-ATSC AAX
  • Up to 20% Speed optimisation on Windows version
  • Added De-autorization license mechanism

Version 1.3 r164

  • Simplification of registration with automatic completion of challenge and response step

Version 1.2

  • Fix for Avid video workstation. Rendering can now be done in 1 step, without the forced analyse and process step.
  • Fix in windows installer for plugin folder detection on non-english systems.

Version 1.1

  • Avid video workstation support
  • Separate ATSC A/85 2009 and EBU !r128 versions
  • Clip avoidance indication
  • Various small bug fixes

Version 1.0

  • Initial release