EBU R128 compliant
(all descriptors needed for R128 compliant measuring)
ATSC A/85 compliant
(all descriptors needed for ATSC A/85 compliant measuring)
Optimised forall content; long term content (movies, series etc) and short term content (commercials, songs, leaders etc)short term content (commercials, songs, leaders etc)
Realtime indicatorsm (400ms), s (4sec), 10, 30, 90, 270secm (400ms), s (4sec)
Integrated loudnessYesYes
Maximum indicatorsM, S, true-peakM, S, true-peak
Loudness rangeYesNo
Remote over LANYesNo
Auto (play & stop automatically syncs with daw)YesYes
PickUp (store & update in sync with the daw, even when only partially analyzed.)YesYes